Efficient Human Resource from Bangladesh
It is very well known that Bangladesh is the country where the most attractive resource is ‘Human’. We can offer highly skilled and educated workforce because of our increasing number of Universities and training industries. Our training industries are successful for preparing the efficient manpower for the Call Center.

Location of our call center
We have the location advantage because of the 11 hour time difference with the USA. For the time zone advantage American, West European and Asia Pacific’s organizations can enjoy 24 hours customer service round the week.

Limited Cost
In spite of the lowest cost of manpower, Bangladesh can provide the Call Center Service in cheap rate. Today we also have a vast amount of educated people from inside or outside of the country in IT sector and they are ready to serve at a very minimum cost rather than the rest of the world.

Appropriate Government’s Policy
The Government of Bangladesh offers the tax free import policy for the IT sectors that will able to create a wide range of opportunity for the establishment of Call Center. The Government’s Policy also suitable for continuing the business for long run, hence they always welcome the foreign investors to our country without any hesitation.

Our low tariff on communication sectors will add an extra advantage for the Call Center business. Here we can easily run a business like this and the whole infrastructure of our country will encourage us directly.

High Potentiality
Bangladesh is the country where the potentiality of IT related business is very high. Our comparative advantage is successful for get the attention of the multinational organizations.